Fertility Including IVF

Please note NW8-mums provides information only and cannot be held responsible should you have an unsatisfactory experience or undesirable outcome.

We have no personal experience with IVF, but many of our friends do as well as many in the group. Several friends have undergone either IVF or IUI; multiple times in some cases.

Karin went through secondary infertility and has had many miscarriages over the course of a number of years before she got pregnant with her son naturally after starting to have acupuncture.

All the details on this page have been collected from friends and those in the group. We run a support group for those struggling with fertility. Please email if you are struggling and would like to join the group for support.

General Information

Please note that the clinics and names listed below are here to help guide you.

IVF on the NHS -You can read more about what IVF treatment is available on the NHS.

Private Clinics & Doctors

Bill Smith at Clinical Diagnostic Services is a highly regarded ultrasound specialist. He helps women conceive naturally through monitored cycles. They offer all sorts of other services at the facility, including prenatal yoga and health screening.

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