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If you are looking for antenatal services, please click HERE to take you to the dedicated page for antenatal support.


There are several GP surgeries in the area. The best way to find your nearest one is to have a look at the link HERE. We are lucky to have some amazing GPs at our local GP surgeries, but it can still be helpful to talk to people and ask if they are happy with their surgery and which GP they tend to see the most. Please note that even if you get assigned a particular GP, you don’t have to see them. You can book in with any GP in your surgery and for each visit you can book another one if you like.

Urgent Weekend GPs

If you need the GP urgently during the weekend, call 111 and they will advice you. Please click HERE for more details.


Close to St John’s Wood, there are several NHS hospitals with A&E departments. UCLH, St Mary’s Hospital and the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead.

With regards to private hospitals, there is a walk-in practice called Urgent Care situated inside St John & St Elizabeth Hospital here in St John’s Wood. If you take your child, they have to be over the 12+ months. They are very popular in the group.

Urgent care at St John & St Elizabeth Hospital
Waiting room at st john & st elizabeth hospital urgent care

The Welington Hospital also has an adult walk-in emergency clinic called Urgent Care.

Private Clinics/GP/Hospitals

Below are some links to private clinics here in St John’s Wood or close-by. There are of course many more, but these are the most well-known to me at least.

  • The Wellington Hospital – It is situated in the heart of St John’s Wood and you can find help for most conditions through them.
  • St John & St Elizabeth Hospital – If you need help, reassurance or similar, there is also The London Paediatric Unit situated within The Hospital of St John’s & St Elizabeth’s. They have a phone line Mondays-Fridays where you can speak to one of their paediatric nurses. If nobody answers, just leave a message and they will call you back. Here you can have immunisations done privately too. Please find the Consultant Directory for the hospital by clicking HERE.
The wellington hospital
the new wing of st john & st elizabeth hospital

Some, but not an exhaustive list of, popular private doctors, paediatricians and GPs in the area are:

Dr Sunit Godambe

Dr Mike Coren

Dr Lee Noimark – Please note this is Dr Lee Noimark and not Dr Dean Noimark.

Dr Delphine Sekri

Dr Olga Kapellou

Dr Lisa Anderson

Dr Daniel Gordon

Dr Adam Wander

Starlight Paediatrics, founded by Dr Ahmed Massoud, is located inside The Portland Hospital.

There is also the Japanese clinic, The Nippon Club Medical Clinic, situated at St John & St Elizabeth’s Hospital.

The Portland Hospital – Situated on Great Portland Street, here you can go for most things, but this is very popular with families. They also have an Urgent Care department for children from 0-17 years of age.

The Princess Grace Hospital – This is situated in Marylebone.


Dr Daniel Glass – Karin has been under his care for over a year and her two children have also seen him on multiple occasions (all for very different concerns).


If you have a specific gynaecological issue, we recommend to look for someone whose speciality it is.


Your GP would normally do them, however some of them are not offered as part of the NHS vaccination schedule. However, some GP surgeries will be able to provide some jabs done that are not part of the schedule and which you have to pay for.

Should you want some or all immunisations done privately, many of the above-mentioned doctors can do them. However, you can also have them done at The London Paediatric Unit, at Baby Jabs and at The Portland Hospital.

Immunisations for travelling can also be done at St John & St Elizabeth Hospital.

Measles & Meningitis

Measles and meningitis can be very dangerous. Babies and teenagers seem particularly susceptible. Here are links to information about meningitis and measles.


  • You can find a dentist through the NHS.

Local Private Dentists

  • Aura Dental is situated moments away from St John’s Wood High Street. They see both adults and children.
  • 55a Dental – Situated at 55a St John’s Wood High Street, this clinic is run by Dr Mesut Mehri.
  • Twoth Dental & Aesthetics, founded by a local husband and wife team who are part of NW8-mums, is another popular practice. Karin and her children go here for all their dental needs. Karin also had her adult orthodontics done at Twoth as did her son.
  • Another local dentist is Dr Diana Spencer of Abbey Road Dental.
  • Happy Kids Dental (locations in Marylebone and Chelsea) are popular within the group. They also helped Karin’s son with something specific and were excellent.
  • Although not local, but still worth mentioning is Smile Style Dental in Holland Park. Karin’s husband has seen Dr Balkin (Scottish and US trained) since 1998.
Dr neil counihan of twoth dental
twoth dental & aesthetics
dr david tissera of aura dental


Central Health has a branch in St John’s Wood and they are popular within the group.

My French Physio therapists frequently come recommended in the group.


Carla Pozner of CP Holistic who is one of our mums is an osteopath. She can also help postnatally as well as with paediatric cranial osteopathy. She has helped many mums and babies in the group.

Pepper Stewart sees patients at her Knightsbridge clinic. She has treated Karin on many occasions over many years, Karin’s mum and several others in the group.

Speech Therapist

Nicole Zubaida has helped many NW8 families over the years and the feedback I have received has been very positive. Over the years, Nicole has presented talks to us which have also been popular and well received.

nicole zubaida


Everyone who works in Courtenay Chemist on St John’s Wood High Street is lovely and offers such helpful advice. This is Karin’s go-to-place for medicines and/or advice.

Other local chemists include: 

Boots – situated on St John’s Wood High Street

St John’s Wood Pharmacy – also situated on St John’s Wood High Street

Courtenay chemist


Karin’s entire family goes to Safarian & Simon on St John’s Wood High Street. They are very good, nice and honest and also do great eye exams for children.

photo by jeanette rauch photography

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